Solar Maintenance


Maintaining your system falls into two areas

Periodic Cleaning of your array

Cleaning intervals of your array will depend on a number of factors including atmospheric contamination levels (dust), wildlife activity (particularly birdlife), rainfall and the tile angle of the array. An array installed at less than 10 degrees of tilt will require more regular cleaning than a similar array installed at 25 degrees. Conversely it will be physically easier (and usually quicker) to clean an array installed on a relatively flat roof pitch compared to an array installed on a 25 degree roof pitch. Quite simply, if your array is showing visible signs of fouling then it’s time to have it cleaned. Though it is difficult to generalise, we would suggest your array is cleaned at least once if not twice per year.

Performance & Safety Testing

Performance and safety testing, as the name implies, tests the system output and ensure that all safety devices and features are maintained in working condition. We recommend this procedure is carried out at least on a two (2) yearly basis. It is best carried out with reoutine cleaning of the array to minimise cost.

Solar Module Testing & System Performance Verification information